Start Somewhere

Remember it’s a process. Beware the pitfalls. But get started. SOMEWHERE. Here are some suggestions…

Make it simple. No Cost Places to Start:

  • Say thanks for the food I eat and the farmers and land that grew it.
  • Slow down when I eat. CHEW! Make my gut happy! Breaking food down with my jaw helps the gut sort the nutrients from the garbage.
  • Save money. Replace one soda with tap or filtered water. I am more than 50% water. Give me some.
  • Sit. Be quiet. (And it might need to be more than 5 seconds!) Ask my body, “Where should I start?” Ultimately, I have the answers. Am I listening?
  • Recruit a friend, neighbor, a co-worker to join the journey. It’s easier and more fun when I am not alone.
  • Visit the library. Having a library card probably makes all the resources mentioned on this website, available for free!
  • Learn about others who have made a food change

Some Cost Places to Start

  • Buy a packet of seeds and plant it. Growing my own food can save massive amounts of money, dramatically increase the nutritional value of the food I eat and be an incredible blessing to planet earth.
  • Experiment! Buy one new food from the produce section and eat it!
  • Visit a farmer’s market. ‘Fess up. Tell them, “I don’t know nothin’!” Ask, “What the heck is that? How do I eat it?” I may even get wonderful answers from the other shoppers. Find a market.
  • Or, join a CSA Farm (Community Supported Agriculture).
  • Add one real food to your diet, and take one processed food out of your routine. Repeat that again and again

Rave Review

My husband and I shifted to clean food for the sake of the kids. We had no idea the two of us would benefit so much. Better energy. Way fewer doctor trips. Food that tastes better. The biggest surprise? The amount of yelling decreased significantly—and I’m NOT talking about the kids!

Second Helping 

Local Harvest is a nation-wide source of farms, farmers markets, CSA’s and farm related events.