Sell! Sell! Sell!


At every opportunity expose my kids to the importance of healthy eating. For example, what do the biggest beverage companies do? They put their name in front of me every chance they get. They post ads on TV, billboards, restaurants, athletes, at sporting events and more. They write catchy jingles that drive me crazy because they get stuck in my head.

So yes, repetition matters. YES! Repetition matters!


Be happy and excited when talking about healthy food. How many ads show their product with quiet, boring faces or images? Smile! Get other adults in the house to do the same.

Audio “Wow! I can’t believe how great this carrot tastes!”

“Oh no, I hope you don’t like this _______ (ie: broccoli) I don’t think I want to share it, it’s soooo delicious!”

Play them songs about vegetables.


The impact of food goes far beyond the tingle on our taste buds. An hour after a meal, ask them how they feel? Are they tired, unable to concentrate, bouncing off the walls, angry, or are they energized, focused, playful, happy? Help them connect how they feel to what they have eaten. Behavior, health AND emotions are directly connected to foods. Help them make these connections so they increase awareness about their bodies and how they feel. This is empowering and once they feel the difference in how foods make them feel, it will become much easier for them to make healthy choices. TRULY—trust this!


And of course, every marketing executive’s dream—get product directly into their hands at the ideal time.

You know when your kids are likely to be hungry—that’s the ideal time to put raw veggies or fresh fruit in front of them. Watching a movie? Put a bucket of cut up melon in front of them. Have an hour before you can sit down to eat? Place carrots strips or cucumbers or peppers in front of them to munch on.

Garden with children. Get dirty. Even if it is just an herb in a windowsill. Start somewhere!


Cook with them. Even a one year old is capable to being involved. Give them responsibility to put a healthy clean meal on the table.


Show them movies about real food.

King Korn


BE COLORFUL with your marketing

Fortunately fresh, real foods are naturally delicious and colorful and attractive—we just have to get it in front of them!

Carve a pepper into silly shapes

Make a flower out of a carrot

Put on a puppet show with cucumbers and let the child be the bear