Especially here in the United States, we are incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of food AND choice. Imagine what it was like 200, 1,000 or even 5,000 years ago where the vast majority of time humans spent was committed to finding enough food to eat. So, even with today’s glut of dangerous foods, getting enough healthy, clean food to eat is still incredibly easier today than ever before.

Even with this historical perspective, it can be easy to imagine that the decks are stacked against me. There are challenges. So, let’s bring the challenges into the light, then click on THE RESPONSE for tips on overcoming them.

Temptations & Challenges–How it’s not my fault

It’s my body’s fault

  • My genetic code is designed to pack in calories when available. That’s from the time when survival was difficult and humans feasted in order to survive times of famine.
  • As my body heals, I might temporarily feel more uncomfortable.

Denial–I Eat Fine

  • Then there’s always denial. It’s a mighty powerful force, “I don’t need to worry about this, what I eat is fine,” It is the “I-Eat-Well-Enough-Syndrome”.

Blame Others

  • Others around me might not want to change.
  • I live in a food desert. There is no fresh food nearby.

The Unknown

  • Will changing food habits take more time?
  • What if changing food habits costs more money?