Be The Adult


A child does not have the knowledge to know what is healthy. They will know that a processed food excites their taste buds and leaves them wanting more. They won’t know it’s because of the excitoxins (MSG, sugar, salt, fats, etc) in the food that are added to get them addicted. Or they won’t understand that the only reason they want it is because of the all the advertisements they saw on TV or the internet. They don’t know that some foods can cause an opiate-like reaction if their body is reacting to that food. Now I know. I am breaking my own addictions to processed foods and can teach them to eat clean as well.

Children need me to be the adult. Give them foods clean of artificial ingredients. Yes, it’s work—but I’m the parent, it’s my job to figure it out.


Don’t give in to whining and crying. No child has ever starved that has been offered clean healthy food. And yes, if I’ve given in to whining and crying in the past—my work will be much harder. They may use tantrums to an extreme to get me to revert back to old habits. Do NOT cave!

Be firm. Tell them, “I am learning how certain foods keep us healthy and some make us sick.” Tell them we are changing our foods so we all can feel happier and healthier. Be clear. Say, “Yelling and screaming won’t change my mind.”

If tantrums persist, let them know that behavior is unacceptable. Very simply, a child can be excused and sent to bed without food. A child will survive missing a meal.