Body Talk

Fortunately, bodies are talking all the time. Are we listening?

Is the nose runny a lot?

Do they sneeze after they eat?

Are there purple bags under the eyes?

Do they get cramps when exercising?

Are they coughing? Congested?

Can they breathe easily?

Is the child happy when waking up?

Is the child sleeping well?

Is the child energetic? Too energetic?

Can the child concentrate?

Is the child impulsive? Explosive?

Is the child on antibiotics at least once every year?

Is there a chronic condition that requires daily medicine?

Does a child consistently crave a certain food?

If they don’t get that food, are there behavior changes?

Are there skin issues? Acne? Eczema? Warts?

How does their stomach feel?

Is there heartburn? Acid reflux?

Do they poop every day? Is it easy to poop? Once? Two or three times? Is it diarrhea?

How yellow is their urine?


The answers to these questions are incredibly helpful to finding answers. Naturopathic doctors are great detectives at digging down to the source of the problem. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start figuring things out on my own either.