I Eat Fine

It’s known as the I-Eat-Well-Enough-Syndrome. It is the Heisman of excuses. The mental stiff arm used to keep from improving what I eat. It’s also probably the lamest excuse out there.

Let’s do a reality check:

Do I take medications?
Do I have energy throughout the day and into the evening?
Am I happy?
Do I feel good?
Do my joints ache?
Am I overweight?
Do I rely on caffeine and/or sugar to keep me going?
Do I need alcohol to relax at the end of the day?
Truly, do I know everything there is to know about nutrition, food and how its grown, and what impact does it has on me?

Any no is simply a reminder that somewhere there’s still something to learn. Even if I am already eating well, there’s a chance to do even better. Maybe detective work is needed to figure out if a certain food(s) is impeding my health. See it as a food adventure!

There’s a wonderful upside to ditching denial!  Life is interesting when there are new challenges to take on, questions to answer! Figuring out what fuels my body, helps it heal, brings joy is an absolutely fascinating journey! Why deprive myself?

Besides, food is an incredibly complex subject. There will always be something to learn: how it grows, how to grow it, nutrition, impact of food on health, new recipes. There is just no way one person can know it all. Why do you think people make a career of food? Because its fascinating, interesting, evolving, exciting!