Have Fun

Learning new ways to eat is an excuse to have a party! Food is such a communal experience. It is so much easier to eat well when I am surrounded by others with the same goal. And that community can be created anywhere.

Have a food party!

  • Invite ________. It can be friends, or co-workers, church members, community organization colleagues, fellow athletes, neighbors, customers. Have fun with it!
  • Everyone brings a dish to share. The party becomes a great way to experiment.
  • Many of us have plenty of recipes with milk, cheese, bread and meats. Rather than get more of the same, set parameters for the party so that it becomes a way to learn and try new foods. Consider going gluten-free (no wheat products) or dairy-free or macrobiotic, or vegan or raw or paleo or food from local farms. Just because those parameters are set, doesn’t make me a “——–“ , but it can open a world of new tastes that I haven’t experienced previously.

Make it a regular thing

  • Consider a book club format. Instead of gathering to read a book regularly, everyone brings a dish and the recipe. Even if its only a group of 3, it means that at one gathering I will be able to try 3 new foods! A regular foodie group becomes a way to keep healthy eating on the radar.

Don’t have time to organize something? Go to something already set up…

Side Dish 

Have Fun! May the Force of the farm be with me as I experiment and learn!

Rave Review 

We started making meals together with our 70-year old neighbor. Our kids get to hear his stories, he does some grilling, we have 2 kitchens to work from, he has company and home-cooked meals and helps with clean-up. It’s a win-win-win!