My Body’s Fault


Yes, my body is genetically designed to feast when food is available to survive times of famine. But it also has several mechanisms to keep me from overeating.

  • My body sends signals letting me know I am full. I’ve heard this one before, “Slow down when I eat, so I’ll  notice when I am full.”
  • Hunger signals have an OFF switch! A nutrient dense diet provides long lasting energy and nutritional satisfaction for my body, as a result, it turns off the hunger signals.
  • Once given healthy foods, my body will crave those foods that heal and nourish. Truly, switching to clean healthy foods changes taste buds and junk food will taste like junk and clean foods will taste delicious.
  • Just like I can crave crap food, drugs, alcohol or gambling. I can crave delicious, nutritious food instead and feel a high from the wonderful from the foods I eat.

As my body heals, I might temporarily feel more uncomfortable.

  • This is a short-sighted way of looking at things. If I don’t switch to cleaner eating, I’m guaranteed to feel REALLY bad, heck, probably even dead way before I need to be.
  • Why should I feel uncomfortable? I’m eating better! So true, but I’ve done damage to my body with the old ways of eating. Just like a scab itches as it heals, the internal healing can trigger discomfort–the blessing is that this discomfort will go away!
  • What damage? My body physically reacts to the artificial ingredients in food. This is a complex subject, but processing foreign ingredients can actually trigger a drug-like reaction in my gut. Which means there is actually some level of physical addiction to artificial ingredients that will need to be overcome. Super charge my will power!
  • Plus, some artificial ingredients can actually distort my tastebuds–ARGH! even making healthy foods taste yucky. But my taste buds WILL recover if I stop putting in the artificial ingredients that are killing them.
  • Find out more about the Healing Crisis.

Just Remember

  • That as I eat cleaner foods, I will have more energy, less anxiety, fewer cravings. Plus, removing the chemical ingredients in my diet allows my body and tongue to fall in love again with real foods.
  • Not only will taste buds change but my brain & body will come to my rescue as well! Yes, it takes willpower to make a food change, no doubt about it. Here’s how it works, once I make a change and feel better, there will be the inevitable slip ups. Junk food will get eaten and it will likely make me feel tired or uncomfortable or even sick. With reactions like that—it becomes MUCH easier to stay on track with eating clean foods.