Little Red Hen


It goes back to the classic tale, The Little Red Hen. If they want to eat, the child needs to help out. It’s a plain and simple message that kids of all ages can grasp.

When it’s time to help out in the kitchen, speak it as a statement, not a question. For example, “Can you come help put dishes away?” allows the child to say no. I offered a choice.

Instead say, “It’s time to come help in the kitchen.” Don’t make it optional and don’t let the child ignore me. Remind them of the Little Red Hen—those who want to eat have to help out!

Yes, involving children in the kitchen does slow things down. This is a critical investment of time with huge dividends in the long run. As a parent, it is my job to teach children life skills and this is one of them. I am doing the world a disservice if I bring a child up that expects to be waited on in order to eat. When I create this expectation even from the youngest ages, it becomes natural to help out.


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