I’m an artist. Wife. Stepmom. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Neighbor. Volunteer. Voter. I’m disgusted that I went for 40 years of life not knowing these things. I’m pissed at the medical community for not talking about these basics. I’m tired from all the health struggles that have plagued family and friends. I’m sad about the entrenched sickness of body and soil. And I reject the modus operandi that profit trumps responsibility.

Maybe my head was in the sand. Whatever. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned and put into practice. Life transformed. My son’s health transformed. Yard transformed. Hopefully in ways big and small a part of the earth transformed. My journey continues.

Time’s a wasting. Get to it.

If you’ve actually managed to get this deep into the website. Turn off your screen and go feed your body clean food.